O-Town History

O-Town was created in 1999 on the ABC reality hit "Making The Band" (released in 2000). After season one, the band, which then consisted of Erik-Michael Estrada, Trevor Penick, Jacob Underwood, Ashley Parker Angel and Dan Miller, singed with Clive Davis of JRecords. Their first single "Liquid Dreams” hit the charts and sold more than one million copies. It was a great release to their new self-debut album "O-Town". By then these five guys had become a success. Showing up on posters and teen magazines each month, they were soon covering the walls of all their fans bedrooms. In 2001 O-Town released 
their biggest hit "All or Nothing". The song was nominated for numerous awards, including "Song of the Year" during the 2001 Radio Music Awards.

Following the success of their triple-platinum album "O-Town", they released "O2". Unfortunately with a shift in the music industry the boy band culture was starting to diminish. In 2003 they had their last show in the city where they started, Orlando. After which, they decided to go their separate ways. They each went on to pursue their own solo careers.

It was rumored on and off for years that they had been working on having a reunion tour but no one had any idea of what was to come. In 2013, O-Town launched their O-Town official pages on both Twitter and Facebook. This set the stage for what was their comeback. Erik-Michael, Jacob, Trevor and Dan had been working behind the scenes for a while trying to get it all worked out. Ashley Angel decided not to be part of the reunion with the group in order to continue to work on his solo acting career. The four members knew what they were getting into this time around and were ready and prepared for their new journey.

In 2014, O-Town launched www.otownofficial.com with a countdown clock. When the countdown ended they released a video confirming that they were coming back. This was not just a reunion tour. They were now ready to start making new music as well. Soon after, O-Town released their first single since the comeback, "Skydive". The guys handpicked and put the album together themselves. With all their previous knowledge they are prepared to make it on their own this time. They released their 10 track album "Lines and Circles". The last song, which titled the CD, "Lines and Circles”, was written by Erik-Michael Estrada. The art work for the CD was designed by Dan Miller. They are now self managed under an independent label.

O-Town might have been formed as part of a reality TV show but it’s their love of the music, performance, passion for the arts, and their four beautiful souls that brought them back together. They are back and better than ever!

"This one’s for the fans and everyone who supported us from the beginning." – O-Town


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