About Us

We (Arlene and Evelyn) have been best friends well before O-Town came around. However, sharing this love for O-Town has definitely been a huge part of our friendship. All the memories we have been able to create thanks to O-Town has created a unique bond for us! Our love for O-Town started during "Making the Band" and grew stronger and stronger with time. At the end of 2000 we started calling ourselves "Liquid Ladies" which of course was inspired by "Liquid Dreams". Then, we decided to start a fan group to promote them as much as we could. This also helped us to talk and meet with fans that loved them just as much as we did. Operation O-Town was born in April of 2001. When the guys came back, we knew we had to come back too! So here we are!

Birthday: July 22
Favorite O-Town Guy: Jacob
 :: Favorite O-Town Songs ::
"Lines & Circles" album: "I Won't Lose"
"O2" album: "Craving"
"O-Town" album: "Girl"

I remember Evelyn would come over my house to watch Making the Band. We immediately fell in love with O-Town. We heard they were coming by us and we knew we had to go. It was during their mall tour and we saw them in Aventura, FL on 9/4/00 (Dan’s BDay :)) outside of Burdines (now Macy’s). After our first show we were hooked and we had to see them again. We then saw them perform at “Victory Day 2000” which was an event at a park near us. This was 11/11/00 and was the first time we met the guys. Of course, I loaded the film wrong (or forgot to load it, can’t remember) and I ended up with no pictures of me and the guys that day. Boo! So bummed but still felt blessed to have met them. Little did I know that the next few years would be centered around these guys. I then continued to see the guys all over Florida and traveled out of state a few times to NY, IN & OH. O-Town, their music, Operation O-Town, the friends I made and the concerts I attended became my entire life through those years and it was some of the funnest times in my life. O-Town was such a big part of my life and having them back in it has been a dream come true. Seeing them in 2014 after so many years was so crazy emotional! I’ve had so many great memories and have made so many great friends because of these four amazing guys and I’m forever grateful for that. Love these guys and so proud of all they continue to accomplish every day! Looking forward to all that O-Town has coming and to making tons of great new OMemories.

Birthday: September 29
Favorite O-Town Guy: Trevor
:: Favorite O-Town Songs ::
"Lines & Circles" album: "Lines & Circles"
"O2" album: "These Are The Days"

"O-Town" album: "Love Should be a Crime"

My love for O-Town has been 14 years strong! It all started with MTB of course. Once I hear O-Town was doing the Burdines tour we had to be there! After that we had to go to all the shows within 300 mile radius. I got to meet them the first time at Victory Day at the Dade County Fairgrounds on 11/11/00 and the addiction to O-Town was amplified tenfold! First, Arlene and I became the “Liquid Ladies” and then we started Operation O-Town. While O-Town was just a “boy band” to some, it was a way of life for me. I got to travel all over Florida and to NY, which I always wanted to visit but O-Town being there made it a so much of a better! When O-Town had the last concert (and boy was it a sad one for me) I always hung on to it all. To think that O-Town is back and not only are we reliving all those great memories again, we are getting the chance to do it all over again and make new ones. The new album “Lines and Circles” and the new tour have just been above and beyond what I could have dreamed up! One of the best parts for me is the great friends I have made along the way. I can’t stress the great enough here. Even though time has made some of us grow distant this reunion has ultimately brought some great friends back. I have also had the luck to meet some new great girls along the way. Even the ones I haven’t met in person you all make this experience as wonderful as it is! I cherish all the times, past and present, we have spent O-Towning it up! The GREATNESS of all that is O-TOWN and everything they come with is back and I can’t wait to see what’s next!